Environmental Standards

Addressing the realities of aquaculture emerging in farming operations to promote more sustainable practices and improve the livelihood of local small-scale producers

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The ASIC Environmental Standard is a comprehensive producer-level standard that provides technical guidance on environmentally sustainable aquaculture practices.

This standard offers producers of all scales an enhanced framework that addresses environmental risks, improves farming productivity and monitors their sustainability performance, providing credible assurance for a sustainable product offering in the market.


The ASIC Environmental Standard supports producers to progress towards better farming practices accustomed to specific landscapes and characteristics of Asian farming operations. It covers several aspects set out in principles ranging from broodstock to harvest, disease and waste management, and seed and feed sources. The standard focus creates a framework for communal group management applied in shrimp farming standards. The standard implements a place-based approach to ensure that its application can support producers to be more resilient in specific challenges while improving practices and contributing positively to the environment. The standards offer a practical approach to improvement towards internationally recognized environmental metrics that, most importantly, cater to Asian practices. Producers can use the standards to improve practices, increase their resilience to address challenges, and be acknowledged in sustainable production.


Initiated by trainings on the standard's benefits as well as how to conduct a self-assessment, producers are then guided through a process to add data into our application system. ASIC reviews the data and constructs a gap analysis and needs assessment based on the provided data. To construct an improvement plan, ASIC conducts on-site verification of the operation, collects and verifies data, and identifies any additional challenges. Together with producer or producer groups, an improvement plan and timeline are created.

Standard Principles of ASIC Environmental Standard


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ASIC Improvement Programs

ASIC has created various tools and programs with stakeholders including improvement protocols for both shrimp aquaculture (ASIC Shrimp) and fisheries (ASIC Fish).  ASIC Shrimp is an improvement program, eventually leading to the designation of shrimp producers as ASIC Compliant or ASIC Leader prior to verification, while ASIC Fish is meant to help fish producers simply improve. ASIC has also developed a number of programs meant to serve as core to ASIC verification standards as well as optional ways to further improve operations.


Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) allow industry stakeholders to work collaboratively to improve fisheries, as international buyers increasingly recognize FIPs as an interim step to certification.

ASIC Shrimp

ASIC Shrimp is an improvement program, with all participating producers being recognized as ASIC Improving once they have joined the program, but prior to verification as ASIC Compliant or ASIC Leader.

ASIC Social and

General Standard

The ASIC Social Standard for Aquaculture operation is the latest ASIC tool developed to address the complex social and gender challenges pervasive in the seafood sector.