The key to advancing sustainable progress within the seafood space is to look for ways to get all stakeholders connected - from smallholder producers to end buyers - to see the value and make an effort to promote responsibly-grown and sustainable seafood.

Our multicultural team drives improvement and collaborative work to raise the bar of sustainability across Southeast Asia's seafood industry and beyond.

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Trini Pratiwi
Project Manager

Trini Pratiwi is an aquaculture specialist with over ten years of experience in sustainable aquaculture and seafood value chain development. She has led mandates with producers, companies, private public investors and governments. She is currently project manager for Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative and project manager for Seafood MAP at GSSI. She manages place-based improvement programs for Asian seafood producers towards sustainability verification and provide direct market access.Before joining ASIC, she worked in IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative as aquaculture program officer and Advisor to Minister at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.  Trini has an MAppSc in Aquaculture from University of Tasmania, Australia.

Jack Morales
Improvement Director

Ernesto Morales, also known as "Jack," is the ASIC Improvements Director who oversees all of ASIC's on-the-ground improvement efforts in Southeast Asia. He is a member of several committees/dialogues in developing standards for responsible aquaculture. As an aquaculture expert based in the Philippines, Jack has worked on improvement projects for tilapia and shrimp farms in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ernesto holds a Ph.D. in Aquaculture from the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Scotland.

Pam Quijano
Marketing Associate

Inspired to connect people and communities through communication, Pam joined the ASIC team in early 2021 as part of the Marketing team. Before joining ASIC, she worked in Advertising, Public Relations & Logistics industries. She was involved in developing strategic and insightful projects to strengthen the customer-brand relationship. Through her five-year marketing experience, she has worked with clients in the food & beverage, non-profit organizations, commercial insurance, and logistics sectors.

Postelsia Team

Guided by the values of respect, inclusiveness, integrity, transparency and equality, the team at Postelsia works with ASIC to co-create solutions with all stakeholders and provide support to help foster economic growth, healthy oceans, and sustainable livelihoods.

We're hiring!

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