One of the goals of the ASIC Shrimp Program is to have better reconciliation between the desires of the marketplace and the realities facing producers on the ground
ASIC Shrimp is an improvement program, with all participating producers being recognized as ASIC Improving once they have joined the program, but prior to verification as ASIC Compliant or ASIC Leader.

ASIC Compliant is designed as an entry point for small-scale farmers who have typically been unable to access certification due to cost and complexity. ASIC Compliant provides assurance that production occurs without any critical areas of concern.

ASIC Leader was developed to recognize producers who have implemented the most responsible and sustainable practices without the costs, barriers, and time required for most other certifications.

ASIC Shrimp Technical Advisory Committee

Ann Bussarin Kosin
Soe Tun
Consultant, Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme
Harry Yuli
Director, PT. Alter Trade Indonesia
Ardian Rara
Executive Director, Aceh Aquaculture Cooperative
Dinna L. Umengan
Executive Director, Tambuyog Development Center
Rosanna Contreras
Executive Director, SOCSKSARGEN Federation of Fishing & Allied Industries, Inc.
Le Thanh Luu
Director, International Collaborating Centre for Aquaculture and Fisheries Sustainability (ICAFIS)
Maria Suzette Licop
Operations Manager, NSF

Special Thanks From ASIC

ASIC would like to acknowledge with gratitude the contributions of the following former steering committee members:
Aditya Utama Surono
Johan Suryadarma
Eduardo Leaño
Taylor Voorhees
Emma Bourgoise
Peter Woon
Daniel Knoop
Cut Desyana
Kriengkrai Satapornvanit
Wendy Norden
Turong Din Hoe
Lawnin Crawford