Measure your operation's performance through the ASIC quick self-assessment calculator. The ASIC Improvement program offers comprehensive standards covering the environmental and social aspects of fisheries and aquaculture operations.

What is ASIC Quick Self-Assessment?

The ASIC Quick Self-Assessment is a free online evaluation tool for all supply chain actors to review their production performance and understand their impacts on both environmental and social aspects. This tool provides interested stakeholders an overview of the first and most essential step in the ASIC Improvement Program.

ASIC works with a diverse pool of partners to develop a credible and fit-for-purpose verification for various supply chain actors, including farmers, hatcheries, feed mills, and processing plants. The ASIC Improvement program has comprehensive area coverage that delivers legitimate assurance for global buyers while remaining efficient in terms of cost and scale of improvement for local stakeholders.

How to use the ASIC Quick Self-Assessment tool?

The ASIC Quick Self-Assessment tool is designed for all supply chain actors and public stakeholders interested in joining the ASIC improvement program. The ASIC Improvement Program gears toward farmers and processing plants, along with multi-stakeholders support from the public, private, and civil society.

The ASIC Improvement Program applies a place-based approach. It means that the program has specific criteria for each type of production method to ensure it is accustomed to and applicable to everyone. The ASIC Quick Self-Assessment tool estimates which measures are suitable for your operation, covering environmental and social gender standards.

By entering self-assessment, you will learn more about how the ASIC environmental and social gender standards are used. The ASIC Quick Self-Assessment tool only provides an estimate from the summarized indicators and does not constitute the entirety of the ASIC standard.

How does the ASIC Quick Self-Assessment work?

The ASIC Quick Self-Assessment tool draws on ASIC definition and categorization for a small and large-scale aquaculture operations. However, users should note its inherent limitation when deciding how to use the self-assessment tool. Click here to start your free online assessment.


Join the ASIC Improvement program and conduct the self-assessment using the ASIC Checklist


Allow the ASIC team to review self-assessment and conduct initial verification


Address all improvement recommendations identified by ASIC


Select the option for final verification either through ASIC or a third-party verifier


Perform the final verification either through ASIC or a third-party verifier


The ASIC Improvement team shall review the result of the final verification


ASIC shall issue a Certificate of Verification upon recommendation of the improvement team and approval of the ASIC Executive Committee

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