Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Asian stakeholders to create pathways for seafood improvement that account for the social, environmental, and traceability challenges facing the region which accurately reward those producers who strive for the highest performance by connecting them with markets that can support the value of their products.



The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative is a group of international stakeholders dedicated to developing creative strategies for improving the Asian Seafood industry.

The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) is a burgeoning regional collaboration between private sector stakeholders from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam who have come together to tackle social and environmental sustainability challenges facing the Asian seafood industry. ASIC stakeholders represent various elements of the Asian seafood industry including producer organizations, processors, environmental NGOs, and local certification bodies. These ASIC participants work in conjunction with export market stakeholders, including NGOs, buyers, and certification bodies, to build innovative tools designed to foster improvement for both shrimp aquaculture and fisheries in the region.


Our Tools

Forging multi-stakeholder engagement throughout the Asian seafood industry to develop regional approaches that foster sustainable seafood production.

ASIC In Action

Engaging producers directly and inclusively to build the incentives and realistic tools needed to foster improvements in the shrimp industry.

Making An Impact

Working to build sustainability tools and processes into Southeast Asian fisheries and aquaculture operations to help ensure global food security.

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