Why we exist

Building Consensus and Strategies for Sustainability in the Asian Seafood Industry.

Seafood is a vital food and economic source for hundreds of millions of people living and working in Asia. As the demands for increased seafood production from regional, domestic and international

markets escalate, the Asian seafood industry is facing challenges that compromise the long-term sustainability of the industry and potentially threaten the livelihoods of millions of small-scale fishers and farmers.


ASIC fosterS dialogue and buildS consensus throughout the Asian seafood industry to tackle these challenges and ensure a healthy ocean environment.

ASIC specifically addresses the unique impacts facing fishers, producers and processors in Asia. ASIC engages stakeholders throughout the Asian seafood industry production supply chain in respectful dialogue that considers the societal

impact of fostering improvement. While international certification standards for fisheries and aquaculture as well as commitments by international seafood buyers to source responsible seafood already exist, ASIC is expanding the adoption of

sustainability standards and incentives for both supplier and buyer. ASIC is committed to forging improvements for the Asian seafood industry that support local, regional and international economic growth, a healthy ocean and global food security.