Zakaria’s Journey in Farming

Zakaria is a small-scale farmer in Waetuwoi, Indonesia. His journey in shrimp farming started at a young age when he acquired the skills and knowledge from his parents. Each day, he would rise early and head to the shrimp farm, returning home by noon to help his wife with household chores and manage the catfish farm located near their home.

Zakaria needed help managing the farm, as baby shrimp were susceptible to diseases, and obtaining dependable stock became challenging. He previously relied on external sources for shrimp stock, but it had been a while since he last received any. Moreover, during the dry season, freshwater scarcity made it challenging to maintain stable salinity levels in the ponds, further compounding the problem of physically maintaining them - including the tasks of mud removal and hole covering.

Being a conscientious farmer, Zakaria knew the importance of adhering to standards in his farming practices. He appreciated the support extended by PT ATINA, which included valuable training sessions and the provision of fertilizer referred to as "dedak". Zakaria emphasized the importance of following standards as they fostered discipline and upheld environmental sustainability. As a consumer of his own products, he placed great emphasis on avoiding harmful chemicals and maintaining high quality standards for his seafood.

Zakaria hopes for assistance and guidance from the local fisheries department to boost their income. With adequate support and advice, Zakaria aims to overcome the challenges he faces as a small-scale farmer.Zakaria's story reflects resilience and determination, as he strives to sustain his livelihood amidst navigating various obstacles. His dedication to adhering to standards and embracing sustainable practices paves the way for a better future in fisheries and aquaculture.

How ASIC supports small-scale producers

The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) is vital in supporting smallholder producers in shrimp farming, including individuals like Zakaria, through its improvement programs. Recognizing the challenges farmers faced by farmers, ASIC actively assists in improving farming practices, environmental impact management, and more. By partnering with organizations like PT ATINA, ASIC can provide the resources and tools necessary to support small-scale farmers in their improvement journey. This collaborative effort enables local producers to adhere to global industry standards, promote environmental and social sustainability, and uphold the quality of their seafood products.

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