This is Makhfud, a humble and hardworking shrimp farmer in a village in Jabon, Indonesia. His journey began in 1978 when he started working as a farmer on someone else's shrimp farm. However, his dreams went beyond being a farmhand.

In the early 1980s, Makhfud saved enough money to start his own shrimp farm. It was a modest venture, but he poured his heart and soul into it. At the time, shrimp farming was relatively more straightforward, and he found joy and satisfaction in his work.

However, as the 2000s approached, the tide began to turn against Makhfud and his fellow shrimp farmers. Diseases began to ravage their farms, leading to a sharp drop in production. Makhfud experienced firsthand the stark contrast between farming in the past and the challenges faced in the present. Makhfud encountered various challenges throughout his farming career, with diseases being a primary concern. What was once a thriving and prosperous venture had become a battle against unseen adversaries.

In the midst of these hardships, a global pandemic swept across the world. Makhfud keenly felt its impact, particularly in the market price of his shrimp. While his daily farming activities remained unchanged, the fluctuating prices posed a significant challenge. He had to adapt and make tough choices to prevent his harvested product from going to waste. Despite the hurdles, Mahfud remained resilient and determined to find ways to sustain his farm and secure his livelihood.

Despite the hardships, Makhfud found solace in the knowledge and guidance he gained from training programs conducted by organizations like PT ATINA. These training sessions introduced him to valuable insights and techniques shared by farm experts. Makhfud embraced the use of probiotics, natural feed, and organic fertilizer, incorporating grass and algae, into his farming methods to maintain a natural and environmentally friendly approach.

Reflecting on the regulations and standards governing farm practices, Makhfud recognized their importance. He believed that the rules were relevant to their operations. He understood that adhering to proper farming practices ensured optimal outcomes for his farm and the satisfaction of consumers.

Makhfud's hopes for the future were simple yet profound. He fervently prayed for bountiful harvests, knowing that abundant yields would enable him to produce more and provide healthier food for consumers

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