it takes a village to raise quality shrimp

In Pinrang, Indonesia, shrimp farming is a crucial source of livelihood for many households, providing them with income to support their families. However, many struggle because shrimp stock availability is limited, making it difficult for farmers to produce sufficient supplies.
In 2019, an Indonesian Windu Shrimp Observer Community, KONTINU (Komunitas Pemerhati Udang Windu Indonesia), was formed to support small-scale producers in Pinrang and to re-establish black tiger prawn glory in the region. The organization worked closely with farmers, providing resources on sustainable farming practices, waste management programs, and connecting them with hatcheries to ensure an adequate supply of shrimp stock.

According to Syarifudin Zain, the head of KONTINU Indonesia, the community is enthusiastic about participating in the program as they want to revive the popularity of black tiger shrimp. It is important that producers continue to implement sustainable farming practices to reduce environmental impact and provide high-quality products.

"Support from stakeholders is crucial for KONTINU's success - from infrastructure support to technical training and improvement programs to market connections. By collaborating with other organizations, we hope to improve economic, social, and environmental issues that support small-scale producers promoting black tiger shrimp to the world," says Zain.

Making a sustainable choice

As consumers, we have the power to support sustainable farming practices by choosing products grown in responsible ways. By supporting organizations like KONTINU, we can help small-scale farmers thrive while also safeguarding the environment. When shopping for shrimp, we can make a difference by selecting products from small-scale, sustainable farms, such as those supported by KONTINU.

About this story

KONTINU has launched programs focused on addressing environmental concerns, waste management, and shrimp farming practices, with the aim of reviving Pinrang's shrimp farming production to its former glory. ASIC and other industry partners have supported KONTINU's initiatives aimed at improving the quality of shrimp farming and the lives of people in Pinrang.

ASIC standards, which were co-developed through the Oxfam GRAISEA program, are aligned with international standards. They provide guidance to local producers on improving their farming practices, with a focus on environmental, social, and gender aspects.

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