September 4, 2023

SINGAPORE  - The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) proudly announces the appointment of Harry Yuli Susanto as the new Chair of the ASIC Executive Committee (EXECOM). The decision was made during the Executive Committee meeting held in Manila, Philippines on July 29, 2023. This unanimous decision is a testament to the committee's utmost trust and confidence in Harry Yuli Susanto's capacity to continue guiding the ASIC improvement initiatives. 

Harry Yuli Susanto has been an integral figure in ASIC since its inception, leveraging his deep expertise and passion to advocate for sustainable advancements in Southeast Asia's aquaculture and fisheries sector. As the Director of PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (PT. ATINA), a processor and exporter of frozen shrimp and seafood products, Harry is constantly advocating for responsible practices and fostering meaningful collaborations. With over two decades in the aquaculture sector, Harry has developed deep industry insights and built enduring partnerships, thereby solidifying his reputation as a respected and forward-thinking leader.

As he takes on his new position, Harry will spearhead the ASIC committee's strategic endeavors, strengthening collaborations, and setting forth transformative ASIC initiatives.

On his appointment, Harry remarked, "Southeast Asia presents a diverse range of opportunities and challenges. Under the ASIC umbrella, we will harness this potential, ensuring that sustainability and inclusion remain at the core of ASIC’s growth journey.”

"We're excited to welcome Harry Yuli Susanto as the new Chair of the ASIC Executive Committee. Harry's proven commitment to sustainable leadership and deep-rooted partnerships in the seafood industry underlines our shared vision at ASIC for a more sustainable and collaborative future,” said Corey Peet, ASIC Managing Director.

"Alongside this, our heartfelt thanks go out to Rosanna Bernadette Contreras, our former ASIC Executive Committee Chair. Her unwavering commitment and the pivotal initiatives she launched have truly set the stage for ASIC's promising next chapter," said Corey Peet.

In a significant development before Harry’s appointment, PT ATINA was recognized as the first verified farm under the ASIC Improvement Program. This landmark certification not only represents PT ATINA's commitment to best practices but also underscores ASIC's relentless pursuit of promoting sustainability and elevating standards throughout the region.

In photo (from left to right): Soe Tun, Dr. Le Thanh Luu, ASIC Managing Director Corey Peet, ASIC Chair Harry Yuli Susanto, Dinna L. Umengan, ASIC Vice-Chair Rosanna Contreras, Dr. Ernesto "Jack" Morales

The verification of PT ATINA is both an accolade and an invitation. While it recognizes the farm's dedication to sustainable practices, it also beckons other seafood businesses in the region to embark on the path of sustainability mapped out by the ASIC Improvement Program.

With a fresh leadership outlook and a clear path forward, ASIC is set to advance its sustainability and positive impact in Southeast Asia, driving a new era of innovation and responsible growth.


The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative is a burgeoning regional collaboration between private sector stakeholders from Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines to tackle social and environmental sustainability challenges facing the industry. ASIC supports Asian stakeholders in becoming agents of their own empowerment and, through collaboration, creates pathways for seafood improvement that account for the social, environmental, and traceability challenges facing the region.



Corey Peet 

Managing Director

Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative     

+1 236 464 2380 


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