Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative Partners with Where Food Comes From, Inc. to Support Small-Scale Producers in Asia

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August 29, 2023

Singapore - The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) has announced a partnership with US-based Where Food Comes From, Inc. (WFCF) to support small-scale farmers in Asia. 

As a multi-stakeholder non-profit organization, ASIC has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable seafood production and responsible sourcing practices in Southeast Asia. The organization aims to drive positive change and enhance the environmental, social, and economic performance of the seafood sector in the region through its improvement program. Beyond its robust Environmental Standards, ASIC has also developed the first Social and Gender Standards, marking a significant milestone for the seafood industry as a whole.

A key focus for ASIC and WFCF is shrimp production. The vast majority of shrimp consumed globally is farmed in Asia, but at present, only an estimated 5% of shrimp farmers are certified by broadly recognized certification schemes. The lack of inclusive and accessible standards presents a clear opportunity for ASIC and WFCF to collaborate and create meaningful impact. The goal is to see an increasing number of smallholder shrimp producers gain access to verification, demonstrating their shared commitment to responsible sourcing and environmentally-conscious practices.

“The partnership with Where Food Comes From represents a significant opportunity for ASIC. With their expertise in supporting small-scale producers in Asia, we anticipate tangible benefits for our region’s seafood industry. This alliance will strengthen our ongoing efforts to drive meaningful change, improve sustainability practices, and bolster the socio-economic well-being of local communities. By leveraging our respective strengths, we can create a more resilient and responsible seafood sector, contributing to long-term success and positive environmental and social outcomes,” says Rosanna Contreras, ASIC Executive Committee Vice-Chair.

John Saunders, CEO of Where Food Comes From, adds, “We are excited to partner with ASIC in leading this important initiative to help aquaculture producers improve their production practices and differentiate their products as we have done for many years in other areas of food production,” said John Saunders, chairman and CEO of WFCF.  “We recognize the unique role ASIC plays in the shrimp industry and we look forward to adding value to their efforts with certain elements of our CARE standard for the shrimp industry.  The addressable market for this initiative is incredibly extensive with potentially tens of thousands of shrimp producers worldwide.” 

ASIC’s commitment to sustainability of the shrimp industry and empowering local farmers was recently showcased during their Executive Committee meeting in Asia, with the official signing of certificates for the first ASIC-verified farms, accomplished through their work with Indonesian shrimp processor, PT. Alter Trade Indonesia (PT. ATINA)


Harry Yuli Susanto, ASIC Executive Committee Chair and Director of PT. ATINA, shares, “I am excited by the prospect of partnering with Where Food Comes From. This partnership enables a unique pathway for small-scale farmers to improve with continued support.Their steadfast commitment to supporting small-scale seafood producers in Asia resonates deeply with our shared dedication to advancing sustainability and empowering local farmers. This collaboration holds immense promise in strengthening our seafood supply chains, nurturing responsible sourcing practices, and fostering the prosperity of our valued farmers.” 

Corey Peet, Vice President and Co-Founder of Postelsia, adds “As someone who has dedicated years to supporting ASIC and its mission, I am thrilled about this partnership. Where Food Comes From committing to small-scale producers in Asia holds tremendous value for these hardworking individuals who often face significant challenges. This collaboration will not only provide critical support and resources, but it will also contribute to fostering equity within the seafood industry.”

Looking ahead, the partnership between ASIC and WFCF shows great potential in building a stronger and more sustainable seafood industry. By offering crucial support to small-scale producers, this collaboration has the power to drive positive change on a global scale.

ASIC Project Manager, Trini Pratiwi, emphasizes, “ASIC and WFCF have a shared value and mission. With this partnership, ASIC has extensive support to reach market-wide recognition and technical verification support, which is crucial to extend ASIC support in Southeast Asia and beyond.” 


The Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative is a burgeoning regional collaboration between private sector stakeholders from Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines to tackle social and environmental sustainability challenges facing the industry. ASIC supports Asian stakeholders in becoming agents of their own empowerment and, through collaboration, creates pathways for seafood improvement that account for the social, environmental, and traceability challenges facing the region.


Where Food Comes From, Inc. is America’s trusted resource for third party verification of food production practices.  Through proprietary technology and patented business processes, the Company estimates that it supports more than 17,500 farmers, ranchers, vineyards, wineries, processors, retailers, distributors, trade associations, consumer brands and restaurants with a wide variety of value-added services. Through its IMI Global, Validus Verification Services, SureHarvest, WFCF Organic, and Postelsia divisions, Where Food Comes From services verify food claims, optimize production practices and enable food supply chains with analytics and data driven insights.



Trini Pratiwi
Project Manager 
Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative     


Corey Peet 

Vice President & Co-Founder 

Postelsia, a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc.

+1 236 464 2380

Jay Pfeiffer

Director, Investor Relations

Where Food Comes From, Inc.


Jennifer Moore

Marketing Manager

Where Food Comes From, Inc.


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