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A Shrimp Protocol for the Asian Seafood Industry

The ASIC shrimp program was developed by a 21-person steering committee that includes voting members from Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The ASIC shrimp program includes three levels of improvement including ASIC Shrimp Grey, Green, and Yellow. ASIC Shrimp Yellow is aligned with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch (MBASW) “Good Alternative” and ASIC Shrimp Green is aligned with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch “Best Choice” in the hopes of recognizing those producers who have implemented some of the most responsible and sustainable practices without the costs, hoops, and time required for most other certifications.

MBASW is well recognized by buyers in the US and its recognition is growing around the world. The idea behind the ASIC shrimp tiered system is that any farm that is assessed against the standard can claim the associated MBASW rating. ASIC Grey is an introductory level designed to help those producers move forward who need more help on practices and improvements before they can qualify for ASIC Shrimp Yellow.


 The goal of the ASIC Shrimp program is better reconciliation between the desires of the marketplace and the realities facing producers on the ground. There are a range of shrimp farm certifications on the market, but they have all underperformed when it comes to creating lasting impact that works for farmers and producers in Asian countries. That is why ASIC convened a group of stakeholders to develop the ASIC Shrimp Standards in a way that farmers will understand and execute easily as well as offer a tiered system that will translate to clear market incentives with the largest recognized rating system in the US. By aligning the ASIC Shrimp Standards, farmers enter premium markets while also improving the environment and communities in their area.

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