What We Do

Fostering Engagement and Improvement in the Asian Seafood Industry

ASIC was founded on three key principles that are critical for fostering improvement in fisheries and aquaculture operations in Asia: 

  1. Incentivize

    Develop strategies and tools with the direct engagement of the producers via an ISEAL compliant, consensus-based approach to define and incentivize improvement.

2. tools Designed
for all

Design tools that allow multiple compliance points for engagement with producers at all levels of performance

3. Realistic Sustainable solutions

Build tools that reflect the realties facing producers while seeking to align production with global sustainability standards where possible

How We Do It

ASIC is creating a platform for Asian seafood industry stakeholders to collaborate on the issues of sustainability and standards improvement. ASIC is developing the framework to translate strategies

into meaningful action throughout the industry supply chain that incentives producers and buyers on the local, regional and international levels and supports a healthy ocean environment.



To create an approach for stakeholders to engage on the issues of improvement in the Asian seafood

industry that reconciles the realities facing producers with the desires of the marketplace


To use the ASIC platform to build equitable partnerships with international and regional markets to support improvements


To build a platform that supports reforms in governance and ultimately leads to investment in the shrimp aquaculture and Asian seafood industry


To manage and reduce risk of human trafficking with a data driven approach


By engaging stakeholders at all levels of the Asian seafood supply chain to develop goals, standards and protocols, ASIC is advancing sustainability initiatives that support the health of the ocean and future global food security.

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