ASIC Tools

ASIC fosters improvements in the Asian seafood industry by developing creative strategies and tools in collaboration with stakeholders throughout the supply chain and then, turning strategy into action. ASIC has created a number of tools and programs with stakeholders including improvement protocols for both shrimp aquaculture (ASIC Shrimp) and fisheries (ASIC Fish). ASIC Shrimp directly leads to the designation of shrimp producers as SFW Grey, Yellow, or Green while ASIC Fish is meant to help fish producers simply improve. In addition, ASIC has developed a number of programs that are meant to serve as core to ASIC verification standards as well as optional ways to further improve operations.

ASIC Protocols:

ASIC Programs

  • ASIC Social Standards (Core Program)

  • ASIC Traceability (Core Program)

  • ASIC Gender Inclusion (Market Differentiation Program)

Explore our tools and programs to learn how ASIC is advancing sustainability standards in the Asian seafood industry.

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